Beakus Animation

We created this unique site for Beakus Animation Studios using WordPress, with lots of custom code and functionality. Using WordPress enabled us to import the date from their existing site, but upgrade the style and functionality based on their new design.

You can read more detailed information on this project below.

Beakus came to us with mock-ups of the site they had in mind, incorporating projects loading dynamically into an Ajax frame, displaying either a Vimeo movie clip or a large image, with additional image thumbnails and movie thumbnails displaying below, which could then be loaded into the main movie/image area. 

There would also be additional information, including formatted credits and permalinks on the right. Beneath this dynamic Ajax frame, additional projects would be displayed in tiled thumbnails of varying heights, which would display/animate the project title on roll-over, and load the full project into the Ajax frame at the top of the page when selected, smoothly animating up if the user is at the lower part of the screen. We also created a new directors section of the website, using a similar structure to the main page, but filtering the results based on directors and also displaying additional information.

As Beakus also do a number of kids animation projects, they wanted to incorporate this into the new site, switching from the separate Beakus Mini site they had previously, but still keeping a distinction. To achieve this they requested a tab on the right hand side of the site, which could slide over the main website displaying the Mini/Kids projects in the same layout, but different style, and of course filtering the content to display only the Mini projects. Beakus wanted the mini section to function smoothly, from every section of the main site, enabling users to seamlessly switch from one section to another, with smooth animation and no loading issues. 

This site presented a lot of complex challenges, but with a lot of experimentation, and a great deal of customisations, we combined Ajax, CSS, JQuery, custom wordpress fields and lots of php, to create a complex and cross browser friendly solution to these challenges.