Tiger Bay Brawlers

TigerCubs_logo_final_webMadamadari designer Mari is a member of the Tiger Bay Brawlers design team, so we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a few fun roller derby based design projects for them.

We made this logo for the junior Tiger Bay Brawlers, the Tiger Bay Cubs. The design was based off one of a number of drawings and ideas which came from the cubs, which we then created in Illustrator, along with a few other designs for them to choose from. The idea is based on the original Tiger Bay Brawlers Logo, created by http://www.croatoandesign.co.uk, but replacing the adult skater and tiger with a junior version.

We have also worked on a number of poster and programme designs for the Tiger Bay Brawlers. Recently Adam created this poster for their recent game against Helsinki, and Mari created a programmed based around this design.

We’ll no doubt have more Tiger Bay Brawler design projects to show you soon.







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