Your website options…

We will set up a WordPress website for you, with a simple but attractive custom theme, chosen from up to two full website mock-ups based on your requests. We will set up your posts and pages, and provide detailed instructions on adding and updating the website via the CMS.
30 hours
A WordPress website with an attractive custom theme, which takes advantage of advanced CSS and custom graphics or illustrations. In addition to setting up the site and content, we will install numerous additional plug-ins to enhance your website, based on your needs. Once completed we will provide detailed help files and support.
50 hours
An advanced WordPress install, including all features included in the PROFESSIONAL package, which the addition of complex functionality, such as a shopping cart system.
100 hours
This is a selection of average website costs, to give you an idea of how much you can get for your money.
We charge £30 per hour for design and development work and if you’re looking
for something that isn’t listed here just get in touch.
Every project is different, Contact Us us for a more
detailed and free, no-obligation quote.



Custom Design
Design and illustration are charged at £30 per hour, or an agreed flat rate.

Poster (with graphics)
from £120

Logo and branding
from £300

from £250 (eg 6pp A5)

from £150

Book Cover Design

Set idea

New concept with multiple choices
up to £400

Novel Layout
Running text pages with chapter headings and standard layout.
£2 per page

Text and business books
Mainly text, with a more advanced layout, including multiple styles and images.
£4 per page

Recipe Books, Encyclopaedia and Magazines
Advanced layouts, multiple styles, numerous images, and lots of graphic design features.
£12 per page

Custom Illustration
£30 per hour, or an agreed flat rate.

Double Spread
Full, detailed double spread image, with multiple characters and detailed illustration.
£200 to £500 depending on complexity

Single Page
Full, detailed image, with multiple characters and details.
£150 to £350

Full poster or book cover design featuring detailed Illustration
£120 to £350

Single character or object illustration
£35 to £150

The price for illustration, graphic design and book design can vary greatly, depending on size, style, media, complexity.
Contact us to discuss the options and get a no obligation quote.