Roller Derby Design

Madamadari love roller derby! Especially the amazing Tiger Bay Brawlers… so we love getting the the opportunity to work on roller derby posters, programmes, logos and anything else we get asked for. Mari is involved with the Tiger Bay Brawlers design team, which gives us lots of derby design opportunities, and we have also worked on designs for various teams, bouts, and businesses, including Bridgend Roller Derby, Bridgend Cycle Centre’s Roller Derby Shop and CRoC. There’s an exciting double header in Cardiff this weekend, featuring the Tiger Bay Brawlers b team, against NRG a team, PLUS a male derby bout featuring local chaps the South Wales Silures against Tyne and Fear! Visit the event page for tickets: All the pre-bout excitement got us thinking about all the roller derby related stuff we have worked on, so I have included a selection below. PosterFINALweb helsinki_poster helsinki_programme poster_web cubs bridgendrd rds rdsad bots1_web bots2_web croc_poster If you need any design for a roller derby league, business or event, get in touch!

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