2013 Web Project Highlights

Last year was a busy one for us, and in addition to lots of exciting new design and illustration projects, we also got to work on some great new websites. Here are our highlights for 2013 web projects:


We created this unique site for Beakus Animation Studios using WordPress, with lots of custom code and functionality, based on their design. It was a very challenging project, with lots of complex functionality, but we are pleased with the results.


Tulip Online

We created this simple yet attractive WordPress website on a budget, to promote TULIP. The logo was created by Kaye Sedgewick, and we created a custom theme based around her graphic. This project is a great example of a simple yet attractive site, created on a budget, but still offering attractive design features.


Juliet Greenwood 

Author, Juliet Greenwood wanted an attractive site to advertise her latest book, and had a lot of great images, so we chose to create a semi-responsive custom WordPress them built around these images.


..and finally, last but hopefully not least…


We spent the last couple of months of 2013 working on a new version of our own site, ready to launch at the start of 2014. We wanted to create a site that showed off our work, but also reflected our unique design and web skills, we aim to keep this website updated with all our latest work, and add regular(ish) blog posts.


Let us know what you think of our new site, and all our other web highlights in the comments below.

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